Password Managers

Keeping your passwords safe

If you need to generate passwords, or store them to use later; use a password manager.

In general when generating passwords, you want every site/resource to have a unique password that is randomly generated and is as long as possible(64 characters is a great length!).

Password managers to check out:

  • 1Password Windows/macOS/Mobile. Linux sort of supported via 1Password X. Paid subscription, not OSS but very well regarded.

  • Vault OSS/Enterprise. Multi-platform, does WAY more than only store passwords. Well regarded and audited. Password only GUI and CLI's available.

  • pass *NIX, OSS, uses GPG, CLI mostly, UI options 3rd party, browser integration hard. Well regarded.

  • KeepassXC OSS, Multi-platform, browser integration possible. Well regarded. Mobile integration difficult.

  • Bitwarden OSS, Great browser, mobile integration. GUI, CLI, etc. all from same developers. not yet well regarded or audited.