Secure Scuttlebutt

Scuttlebut and this website are open to the public. For more information see our legal page.

We run a Scuttlebut pub, as a way for us to all connect with each other. Allows for public and private communication and works off-line.

There is a detailed Getting Started Guide which is recommended if you’ve got a few minutes.

If you just need to get up and running ASAP here’s what you need to know:

Quick Start

  • Install Patchwork.

  • Boot it up and set up your profile.

  • Click "+ Join Pub" in the top left corner of Patchwork and paste in the invite code below.

  • Explore by browsing public posts and channels, expand into your extended network (Click on More > Extended Network).

  • Introduce yourself on the #new-people channel.

  • Follow people you find interesting. You will download content authored by everyone you follow, and everyone who they follow.

  • Have fun, and be respectful of others. The scuttleverse is a nice place.


This service is now offline, mostly from lack of resources. Both the client and server broke for me(at different times, client first) .

You can find a list of online servers here

If you are interested in how we run SSB on the server, see our Setup page.